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Cris Nightmare
DemoLition Wrestler

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Cris Nightmare (17th Jun 10 at 4:09pm UTC)
World Wrestling Association - Contract

Wrestler Pic Base - Image

SuperStar Name - Cris Nightmare

Wrestler Height - 6'2

Wrestler Weight - 234 lbs

Wrestlers Hometown - your Nightmares

Wrestlers Theme Song - Awake and Alive by Skillet

Wrestler Attire (optional) - Attire Image here

Move Set (Minimum 5)
1. Gogoplata 2. Triangle Choke. 3. Surf board Stretch. 4. boxing combination. 5. tko. 6.Diving headbutt. 7. frog splash. 8. suplex. 9. super plex. 10. dragon sleeper 11.sleeper 12. spine buster. 13. face crusher. 14. bulldog. 15. triangle dropkick. 16. dropsault. 17. Flying Chuck. 18 pile driver. 19 Sharpshooter

Finisher Moves (max 2)
FINISHER #1: Eternal Suffering. Spear

FINISHER #2: Nightmare Syndrome Tombstone Piledriver


Information about you (optional)

Name -
Country -
State -
Contact Info -
Age -
Roleplay Experience -


Sample Roleplay (Snow: So, I have just recently joined the world wrestling headquarters. They have already placed me in what could be the match of my career.

Snow is dressed in his classic attire, he is currently located in the streets of Canada. He is walking through the streets and quickly turns left and enters a dark alleyway. The alley is only visible due to the burning candle in it; the candle is perched on an empty table in the middle of the alley. Snow looks into the candle as if he is seeing someone or something in the flame.

Snow: Sera, I promised that I would protect you, but I failed. Baby if you can hear me please send me a sign.

The candle light starts to flicker, the shadows begin to disappear. Suddenly everything goes back to the way it was

Snow: Sera, I guess that you are no longer watching me from the great beyond as so many people call it. I’m sorry that I could not keep you safe.

A dainty female hand reaches out of the darkness and touches our hero on the shoulder. He jerks a bit and turns to see who touched him. To his surprise it was none other than his fallen love, Sera.

Snow: Sera! But how, I mean you’re dead.

Sera: Snow there is no reason for you to be sorry for not protecting me. I had a nice life and now I never have to pay to watch you get in a wrestling ring.

Snow allowed a half hearted smile creep across his face, was she really saying that all of those years of sleepless nights could be forgotten, de she say that she was happy that she could see him forever….


Snow woke up from out of bed, was his encounter with his fallen love a dream? But it felt so real. Snow slowly rolled out of bed and got dressed, something was different this morning. Our hero went over to his comp and checked his email. He had a message from World Wrestling Headquarters. It stated that he was going to be against The Undertaker and Tre Camp. So a dead man and whatever tre is. Well this was going to be a most exciting match.
Snow: So, Undertaker. A man that was able to go undefeated at Wrestlemania, but that was in the World Wrestling Entertainment Company. Now that he has suffered countless injuries.



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Re: Cris Nightmare (17th Jun 10 at 4:13pm UTC)
Accepted, thanks for signing up {Smile}
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