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Insomnia - Posted By kotktokto (ktototkot) on 25th Apr 19 at 11:54am
I've become very irritable lately and I don't sleep well. I may have a nervous system disorder. Advise natural and safe sedative.

Re: Insomnia - Posted By Myman (myman) on 25th Apr 19 at 1:56pm
Did you try to chill out with friends or just play games?

Re: Insomnia - Posted By Myman (myman) on 16th May 19 at 8:54am
Anyway I think that you can try to use this hempworx to relax and improve your nerve system. You should now that you cannot get back your nerves, so mental health is a really important part of your life. and more important is to find a good product for relaxing, it must be natural and organic!

Re: Insomnia - Posted By Michael Konson (Michael Konson) on 23rd May 19 at 2:07pm
Is it waste money to try it?

Re: Insomnia - Posted By JinGrey (JinGrey) on 23rd May 19 at 2:21pm
It all depends on whether you need this CBD. Do not forget that this is a medicine and not an ordinary food product. It helps to cope with mental problems very well. I rarely use it at work when it is heavy and brings only stress. So if you are tormented by such problems, then yes it is worth the money spent.