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WWA Rules - Posted By Justin (admin) on 17th Jun 10 at 12:37am
World Wrestling Association Forum & ChatBox Rules

No Advertising
We ask you not to advertise here on WWA, however you may advertise in the Advertising Centre in the off topic section following those rules (65 posts). If caught advertising via PM you will be banned.

No Spamming
Please do not spam on the forums to try and increase your post count, it will only get you a warning and your post count will be decreased. we have a fun zone in the off topic section where your post count does not increase if you feel the need to spam.

No Pornography
Posting porn will get you perma ban, with no chance of coming back, don't do it.

accidentally delete a topic?
If you accidentally deleted an important topic please pm an admin with the name of the topic and it will be restored for you.

Respect Staff and Members
we ask that you keep the arguing out of the forums, if you argue with a member please do so via pm.

We will allow cussing here, but keep it to a limit please.

We ask that you only have one account here, if we see that you have two accounts the newest one will be deleted without warning

World Wrestling Association E-Fed Rules

We allow a maximum of 2 characters here in the WWA, 3 or more will not be accepted.

we ask that you write your own RP's do not steal an rp from somewhere else, or recycle (reuse) an old rp, doing so will get you warned.

These rules can change at anytime

World Wrestling Association Copyright

All images seen on this Forum are made by Justin (Creator of WWA) and are not to be stolen, reused, or edited in anyway, doing so is strictly prohibited and you will be blacklisted as an image thief. All images posted by users are copyrighted to them and shouldn't be used without their permission.